Our experience backs us up

With more than 20 years of experience providing logistics solutions, LD is constantly evolving and distinguishes itself by adding value to our customers' supply chain in an efficient and flexible manner.

Our teams are undergoing recurrent training, operate under standard procedures with specific work instructions for each client and are organized for a 24-7 operation.

Inventory management

  • Storage, custody and safekeeping.
  • Management and control by: Part number, lot, expiration, purchase order, supplier, petition.
  • Storage and assortment rules configurable per customer.
  • Remote inventory access.
  • Information exchange through systems.
  • Inventory control through proprietary WMS via scanners and QR codes.
  • High level of services at competitive prices, 100% variable.


We offer distribution services to our inventory management customers in the following modalities:

  • Local and regional
  • Dedicated transport equipment
  • Platform crossing

Added value

We complement our services with:

  • Added value such as inspections, labeling, segregation, repacking, kitting.
  • Consignment of inventories or Vendor Management Inventory, for which we have the option of temporary importation under the IMMEX service program.
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